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Guide for Potential Undergrad IAs

So, you’re interested in being an undergrad IA for Will in one of his classes? Awesome! Motivated and interested students are a wonderful asset to the team, students report it being a great experience, and everybody benefits from great Undergrad IAs (‘UGIAs’).

This page has some details for you about the joys, the requirements, the expectations, and the timeline for the process.


The benefits here are myriad, but among them are…

No matter the class, you’ll be a member of the instructional team, hosting office hours, helping students, doing some grading, proctoring exams, potentially co-leading sections, and mostly helping make the class a friendly and happy place for new linguists.


The formal requirements from the academic senate for UGIAs are…

My (Will Styler’s) additional requirements are…

Note also that I generally get far more interested students than I have available spots for IAs, and generally speaking, students who I know better and whose performance and passion I’ve seen firsthand will get precedence. So, meeting these requirements is not a guarantee that you’ll get to IA for me, please don’t be hurt if I can’t find a slot for you, and feel free to ask again later!


If you’re curious about my expectations for IAs, both grad and undergrad, you can check out my full IA Expectations and Goals.


Here’s how the process works:

As soon as you know you’re interested

Week 7-8 of the quarter prior to your planned IAship:

Week -1 of the quarter of IAship:

Week 1 of your IAship:

UGIA Mentorship

All UGIAs will be assigned to a graduate mentor among the grad IAs. This will allow for direct feedback and training.  You’re encouraged to communicate with your grad mentor regularly, and form a genuine mentorship. I’ll choose mentors based both on student desire and shared temperament, so if there’s a team member you want to work with, let me know!

Undergraduate IAs will co-teach sections with their grad mentor. This leaves open the possibility of the grad student letting the undergrad ‘teach’ a given week under their supervision, and effectively doing a teaching observation with the grad student, but for the most part, you’ll work together with your grad mentor to help students, and to plan a given week’s activities.

UGIA grading will be doubly-supervised.  In addition to my oversight of all grading and choosing questions which are reasonable and plausible for UGIAs to grade, you’re encouraged to talk about their grading with your grad mentor first, and the grad mentor will be expected to ‘sign off’ on your grading.