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Assistant Teaching Professor - UC San Diego

About Me

I am an Assistant Teaching Professor in the University of California San Diego Linguistics Department, specializing in computational and quantitative approaches to language.

My first academic love is teaching, and it's my primary role at UCSD. I've taught a number of courses in phonetics and general linguistics, alongside hosting plenty of guest lectures and workshops, and I truly love sharing the joy (and pain) of Language with students of all levels, and hope to continue teaching and advising students throughout my career. I'm also the author of Using Praat for Linguistic Research, a free textbook on phonetic analysis with the Praat software suite, and hope to continue developing more of these sorts of open course materials as I progress in my work. For a complete list of courses taught, please see my C.V..

My research specialization is in computational approaches to linguistics, specifically in acoustic phonetics, speech perception, and natural language processing. I enjoy using computer modeling and machine learning to better understand how humans produce, perceive, and understand language. My main focus has been on the perception of vowel quality and vowel nasality in the face of limited context and high variability, but I'm also interested in natural language processing and other forms of extracting meaningful linguistic signal from noise.

As side projects, I'm the author of a large repository of Praat scripts, the maintainer of the EnronSent email corpus, and the (occasional) writer of language articles, most of which are posted here. If you have questions about any of these things, please do send me an email.

In my free time, I write and share terrible puns, play the Hammered Dulcimer, study and appreciate industrial design, work with computers and open-source software, and attend to all creatures small and fuzzy.

Please feel free to use the navigation links at the top of this page for more information about me and my research, and have a wonderful day.

Current Courses (Fall 2018)

LIGN 101 - Introduction to the study of Language - Fall 2018

LING 502 - Graduate Teacher Training for Linguistics - Fall 2018

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Contact Information

Contact Email: wstyler is the username of a person who works at ucsd.edu
Campus Office: AP&M 4151

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Will Styler
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